Selected Publications

Selected Publications



Ping Zhu, The Cult of Labor in Modern China, book manuscript in progress.

Ping Zhu and Hui Faye Xiao, eds., Feminisms with Chinese Characteristics. Syracuse University Press, 2021.

Ping Zhu, Zhuoyi Wang, and Jason McGrath, eds., Maoist Laughter. Hong Kong University Press, 2019. [Winner of the 2020 Choice‘s Outstanding Academic Title]

Ping Zhu, Gender and Subjectivities in Early Twentieth-century Chinese Literature and Culture. Palgrave Macmillan, 2015.


Articles and Book Chapters

Ping Zhu, “Teaching Chinese History through the Cinematic Trio,” in Zhuoyi Wang, Emily Wilcox, and Hongmei Yu, eds., Teaching Film from the People’s Republic of China, forthcoming at The Modern Language Association of America, 2024.

Ping Zhu, “Reading Xi Xi’s I City through Heidegger,” in Jennifer Feeley and Tammy Lai-ming Ho, eds, “Xi Xi: Can We Say?”, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, July 2023.

Ping Zhu, “Chinese Literature at Large: Wong Chin Foo’s Border-Crossing Writing,” in Yingjin Zhang, ed., A World History of Chinese Literature (Routledge Handbook Series), 87-97. Routledge, 2023.

Ping Zhu, “The Penumbra and the Shadow: Editing Translations of Modern Chinese Literature,” in Chris Song, Cosima Bruno, and Lucas Klein, eds. The Bloomsbury Handbook of Chinese Literature in Translation, 219-228. Bloomsbury, 2023.

Ping Zhu, “Becoming Laborers: The Identification with Labor During the Chinese New Culture Movement,” forthcoming in The Journal of Asian Studies vol. 82, no.1 (2023): 25-43.

Ping Zhu and Hui Faye Xiao, “Feminisms with Chinese Characteristics: An Introduction,” in Ping Zhu and Hui Faye Xiao eds., Feminisms with Chinese Characteristics, 1–36, Syracuse University Press, 2021.

Ping Zhu, “Wang Anyi’s New Shanghai: Gender and Labor in Fu Ping,” in Ping Zhu and Hui Faye Xiao eds. Feminisms with Chinese Characteristics, 216–242, Syracuse University Press, 2021.

Ping Zhu, “Chinese Exclusion Act and the Late Qing Chinese Cosmopolitanism,” Comparative Literature Studies 58, 4 (2021): 863-890.

Ping Zhu, “Wang Anyi’s New Shanghai: Gender and Labor in Fu Ping,” Xiaoshuo pinglun, no.5 (2021): 37-43. [In Chinese]. Republished on China Writers’ Association website on September 16, 2021,

Ping Zhu, “Finding Universality in the Two-Dimensional History: On Ban Wang’s Scholarly Paradigm of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literary Studies,” in Liu Hongtao, ed., Contemporary Chinese Literary Studies from the Perspectives of Sinologists, 286–305. Nanchang: Jiangxi jiaoyu chubanshe, 2020. [In Chinese]

Ping Zhu, “Reading Xi Xi’s I City (Wocheng) through Heidegger,” O-Square, no. 6 (2020): 147–168. [In Chinese]

Ping Zhu, “From Patricide to Patrilineality: Adapting The Wandering Earth for the Big Screen,” Arts 9, no. 3 (2020): 1–12.

Ping Zhu, “Women’s Same-Sex Love in Two Fictional Memoirs of the Chinese Cultural Revolution,” Asian Women 35, no.1 (2019): 71–94.

Ping Zhu, “The Study of Laughter in the Mao Era,” in Ping Zhu, Zhuoyi Wang, and Jason McGrath, eds., Maoist Laughter, 1–18, Hong Kong University Press, 2019.

Ping Zhu, “Huajixi, Heteroglossia, and the Maoist Language,” in Ping Zhu, Zhuoyi Wang, and Jason McGrath, eds., Maoist Laughter, 162–178, Hong Kong University Press, 2019.

Ping Zhu, “The Phantasm of the Feminine: Gender, Race and Nationalist Agency in Early-Twentieth-Century China,” Gender & History 26, no.1 (2014): 147–166.

Ping Zhu, “The Masquerade of Male Masochists: Two Tales of Translation of the Zhou Brothers (Lu Xun and Zhou Zuoren) in the 1910s,” Frontiers of Literary Studies in China 8, no.1 (2014): 31–51.

Ping Zhu, “Virtuality, Nationalism, and Globalization in Zhang Yimou‘s Hero,” CLCweb: Comparative Literature and Culture 15, no.2 (June 2013):1-9.

Ping Zhu, “The Sincere Gaze: Art and Realism in Jia Zhangke’s Films,” Chinese Literature Today 3, no.1&2 (2013): 88–94.

Ping Zhu, “Destruction, Moral Nihilism, and the Poetics of Debris in Jia Zhangke’s Still Life,” Visual Anthropology 24 (2011): 318–328.

Ping Zhu, “Sublime and Nothing: The Metamorphosis of the Female Body in Lu Xun’s ‘Regrets for the Past,’” New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies 12, 1 (June 2010): 9–22.


Other Publications

Ping Zhu, “Women’s Writing,” in The Paper Republic Guide to Contemporary Chinese Literature, London: Paper Republic, 2021, 25–31.

Ping Zhu, “Why Does Workers’ Literature Matter?” World Literature Today, Spring 2021: 29–30.

Ping Zhu, “The Art of Telling the Truth: Chinese Female Stand-up Comedians,” World Literature Today, February 1, 2021.

Ping Zhu, “Xi Xi’s Other Half of the World” (bilingual version), in Ho Fuk Yan, ed., 2019 Newman Prize for Chinese Literature: Xi Xi, Hong Kong: Su Yeh Publications, 2019, 51–65.


Book Reviews

Ping Zhu, Review of Liang Luo’s Global White Snake, The Journal of Asian Studies 81, 1 (2022): 172-73.

Ping Zhu, “The Weight of Remembering: On Yang Jisheng’s History of the Chinese Cultural Revolution,” World Literature Today, June 17, 2021.

Ping Zhu, Review of Carolyn Brown’s Reading Lu Xun through Carl JungRocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature 72, no. 2 (2018): 316–318.

Ping Zhu, Review of Wang Zheng’s Finding Women in the StateFrontiers of Literary Studies in China 12, no. 1 (2018): 191–194.

Ping Zhu, Review of Lynn Pan’s When True Love Came to ChinaChinese Literature Today 6, no.1 (2017): 132–133.

Ping Zhu, Review of Hui Faye Xiao’s Family Revolution: Marital Strife in Contemporary Chinese Literature and Visual Culture, H-Asia, H-Net Reviews. August 2015.

Ping Zhu, Review of Xiaojue Wang’s Modernity with a Cold War FaceChinese Literature Today 5, no.2 (2015): 99–100.